Basic+ Word of the Day: fake

A fake mustache

fake (adjective, verb, noun) past tense: faked LISTEN

If something is fake, it means that it looks like something, but it isn’t real.

  • He’s wearing a fake moustache.

We can also use the word fake when someone isn’t showing who they really are, or what they really think.

  • I hate her fake laugh.

If you fake something, it means that you make something that isn’t real.

  • She faked that letter from her parents.

A fake is something that looks like something real, but it isn’t real.

  • That painting isn’t a Picasso. It’s a fake.

In pop culture

Mrs Doubtfire is a movie about a fake nanny (a nanny is a person who takes care of children). Mrs Doubtfire isn’t really a nanny. In fact, she isn’t even a real woman! Her real name is Daniel, and all he wants is to be with his children. But to do that, he has to wear a mask and dress like a woman. In this video from the movie, he tries to cook the children a meal, but it doesn’t go very well!

There are other meanings of fake.
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