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April 2017

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: prime

You might know that as an adjective, prime means ‘of top quality,’ ‘of great importance,’ ‘of great value,’ and ‘first in order.’ It also means ‘basic, fundamental.’ As a noun, prime is the most flourishing state of something or someone or the time of early adulthood. As a verb, to prime means ‘to prepare someone for something’ and also ‘to supply a gun with powder.’ When painting, prime means’…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: scramble

To scramble means ‘to climb using both your hands and your feet’ and also ‘to compete with others’ and ‘to move quickly, with a purpose.’ Scramble also means ‘to organize or mix things in a hurried and disorderly way’ and, when talking about eggs, ‘to cook them while stirring them constantly.’ As a noun, a scramble is a climb or any movement over irregular ground. It’s also a struggle to obtain something or a disorderly and hurried way…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: pawn

To pawn is ‘to deposit something valuable with a pawnbroker,’ a person who takes objects as a deposit and, in exchange, lends money, keeping the object until the money is repaid. Figuratively, it means ‘to pledge or stake,’ although this meaning is rather literary. As a noun, a pawn is the act of pawning, the state of being deposited, and the object being deposited with a pawnbroker. It can also mean ‘hostage.’ Unrelatedly, a pawn is a chess piece,…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: ground

The ground is the surface of the earth, soil, or any piece of land put to a purpose. Also, a subject for discussion and usually plural, grounds are the foundations for certain acts or beliefs, left over material that has been brewed, like coffee, or a garden surrounding a building. As an adjective, ground means ‘operating on land.’ As a verb, to ground means ‘to place an argument on a solid foundation,’ ‘to instruct someone in the principles of something,’ and…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: stout

You probably know the noun meaning of stout, a dark and sweet beer. As an adjective, stout means ‘heavily built, thickset’ or ‘sturdy.’ When applied to opinions, character traits, or actions it can mean ‘firm, stubborn’ and, when applied to objects, ‘heavy, solid.’ It can also mean ‘brave, courageous’ or ‘forceful, vigorous’…

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