Basic+ Word of the Day: while

while (noun, conjuction) LISTEN

She read something while she waited.

A while is a short period of time.

  • Sit and talk to me for a while.

When we use while with ago, it means that something happened quite a long time in the past.

  • I saw that movie, but it was a while ago.
  • “Did he just arrive?” “No, he got here a while ago.”

We can also use while when we talk about two things that happen at the same time.

  • I can finish my book while I wait for you.

In pop culture

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a movie about a princess who goes to live with seven dwarfs. She decides to clean their house, and she sings a song so that it’s more fun. The song says that you should whistle while you work. If you whistle, it means that you make a sound with your mouth by blowing. You can hear someone whistle in the song.

There are other meanings of while.

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