Basic+ Word of the Day: thick

thick (adjective) LISTEN

A thick sauce.

If something is thick, it means that it is wide or fat.

  • I like reading thick books with lots of pages.
  • We can’t hear our neighbors because the walls are thick.

If a soup or other liquid is thick, it means that there isn’t a lot of water in it.

  • The best milkshakes are thick milkshakes.

If something is thick, it can also mean that there is a lot of it, and that you can’t see through it.

  • You shouldn’t drive in this thick fog.
  • He has thick hair.

If someone is thick, it means that they are stupid.

  • He’s a nice boy, but he’s thick.

In pop culture

This ad for yogurt uses two meanings of the word thick. In the ad, a woman is eating a yogurt when she sees a handsome man. When she says “delicious” and “thick” she’s talking about both the yogurt and the man. She thinks that the yogurt is thick (without a lot of water in it) and the man is stupid. Why does she think that the man is thick?

There are other meanings of thick.

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