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January 2018

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: kindle

To kindle means ‘to make a flame begin burning’ and, more broadly, ‘to start a fire’ and also ‘to set fire to something.’ Figuratively, it means ‘to light up,’ ‘to arouse, excite, or stir up something or someone,’ or ‘to become aroused, excited, or stirred up…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: rake

A rake is a gardening tool, long-handled and with three or more teeth or tines used to gather leaves, hay, or grass, or for smoothing the surface of the soil. As a verb, it means ‘to smooth, clear, or prepare a surface with a rake’ or, often followed by up or together, ‘to gather together with a rake.’ Figuratively, usually followed by up, it means ‘to bring something to light or to someone else’s attention,’ especially if that something is better forgotten. Rake also means ‘to scratch…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: branch

In botany, a branch is an armlike division of the stem of a tree or shrub, which can be thin or thick. Coming from this meaning, any division of a system or structure is also a branch and, in businesses or companies of any kind, a local division is a branch. As a verb, to branch means ‘to spread in branches,’ as trees do, and, figuratively, often followed by off or out, ‘to divide into separate parts’ or…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: goof

Goof is a slang term, used more in US than UK English, and now a little dated. As a verb, sometimes followed by up, it means ‘to make an error or a misjudgment’ or ‘to spoil, bungle, or make a mess of something.’ Followed by off or around, it also means ‘to waste or kill time’ and, in US English, followed by on, ‘to tease or make fun of someone.’ As a noun, a goof is a mistake or blunder or a foolish or…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: cast

To cast means ‘to throw’, ‘to put forth or send,’ or ‘to cause to fall upon something’ or ‘to drop or shed.’ If you cast an eye or a look, it means you direct it. Cast also means ‘to deposit’ or ‘to put in a place, especially by force.’ As a noun, cast is the act of throwing. It also means ‘kind, quality or sort.’ In medicine, a cast is a rigid covering used to protect broken bones…

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