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October 2015

Word of the Day: treat

      Word of the Day   October 30, 2015   treat (noun, verb) LISTEN       A treat is anything that gives pleasure, usually paid for by someone else as a way of showing affection. As a verb, when you treat someone to something, you are buying them food or taking them out to have fun. Treat also means to deal with something or someone in a specific way.   Example sentences A whole weekend by the lake for my birthday? What a treat! Antonia's parents treated her to a fancy meal in town for her graduation. Lucy […]

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Word of the Day: meanwhile

      Word of the Day   October 29, 2015   meanwhile (adverb, noun) LISTEN       Meanwhile as an adverb has two meanings: “during the time something else happens” and “at the same time.” As a noun, meanwhile means “the time something else happens.” Example sentences Susan went shopping on Saturday; meanwhile, her husband got a tattoo! We’re moving to California next month, so meanwhile we’ll be busy packing. The teacher will be gone for twenty minutes. In the meanwhile, please work on your essays.     Multi-words forms   "Meanwhile, back at the ranch" is a well-known […]

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Word of the Day: mismatch

      Word of the Day   October 28, 2015   mismatch (noun, verb) LISTEN       Mismatch is a verb and a noun. The verb sense means "to be unsuitable" or "to be a bad match." The noun means "a bad combination" or "an unsuitable match." The term is often used to describe relationships between people and in many cases is modified by words like "completely," "complete," "total," and "totally." Example sentences The man and woman had a lot of similar interests, but they were mismatched as a couple because of their difficult personalities. The tournament organizers had […]

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Word of the Day: wholeheartedly

      Word of the Day   October 27, 2015   wholeheartedly (adverb)   /hōl’här’təd’li/         Wholeheartedly means to do something with sincerity and enthusiasm. It expresses earnestness, or serious intention to do something. It can also mean to do something completely. Example sentences   The city residents wholeheartedly embraced the idea of opening a homeless shelter downtown.   Jane wholeheartedly supports her husband’s career as an artist.   Greg wholeheartedly agrees with the proposal to open a new shop.         Other forms   The adjective form of this word is "wholehearted." Example: […]

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