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November 19, 2015
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Funny is an adjective with more than just the obvious meaning. It refers to something that causes laughter and amusement, but it is also used when something is strange and curious, or suspicious and deceitful. Informally it also means 'slightly ill,' and in British English it can be used to talk about someone who is a bit crazy.
Example sentences
He's such a funny guy. I always have a great time with him!
The washing machine is making a funny noise.
There's something funny about that man; we shouldn't trust him.
Jennifer was feeling funny, so she didn't go to work.
Grandpa started getting a bit funny as he grew older.
Words often used with funny

funny business (noun): something suspicious. "I saw James in a restaurant with a woman who wasn't his wife. There's some funny business going on there if you ask me."

very funny (interjection): used ironically when something is not funny at all. "I spent all of our money at the casino." "Very funny."

get funny with someone (expression, UK): be insolent. "Don't get funny with me, young lady!"

Additional information
The funnies are the comic strips in newspapers.
Did you know?
Funny can be used to describe something strange, but not too serious. Because it can also mean 'amusing,' people might be offended if you said a strange accident where someone was seriously hurt was funny, but you can use it for anything that didn't have any harmful or upsetting consequences: "It's funny that he didn't show up to the party; he said he was coming." Or "We studied at the same university, at the same time; how funny that we never met!”
Other forms
funnily (adverb); funniness (noun)
Funny dates back to the mid-18th century and comes from the older word fun (which appeared in the late 17th century) with a y added to make an adjective.
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