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December 2015

Word of the Day: fancy

      Word of the Day   December 4, 2015   fancy (verb, adjective) LISTEN       Eating dinner at a fancy restaurant. As an adjective, fancy means 'something that is expensive or sophisticated,' or 'something that is elaborately decorated.' As a verb, fancy is mainly used in British English and means 'to like or want something' or 'to imagine or picture something.' Another meaning that you find mostly in British English is 'to find someone attractive.'  Example sentences He has enough money and likes to eat in fancy restaurants and stay in fancy hotels. We had a plate […]

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Word of the Day: cozy

      Word of the Day   December 3, 2015   cozy (US), cosy (UK) (adjective, verb) LISTEN       Cozy as an adjective refers to something that is intimate, comfortable and warm. As a verb, it is often use with up and means 'to make more comfortable,' or 'to move closer looking for warmth and affection.' But cozy is also used in a derogatory sense to talk about a convenient but dishonest activity, and to cozy up to someone in power means 'to try to be friends with them just to obtain some benefit.' Example sentences We had […]

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Word of the Day: fuss

      Word of the Day   December 2, 2015   fuss (noun, verb) LISTEN       Julien always makes a fuss when I try to cook dinner without a recipe. Fuss is a very common word, especially in the UK. As a noun, it means an excessive agitation or display of attention, or a noisy protest. As a verb, it means 'to complain or worry too much about little things' or 'to behave in a nervous way.' When used with with it means 'to fiddle with something or keep adjusting it in a nervous way.' When used with […]

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Word of the Day: tinder

      Word of the Day   December 1, 2015   tinder (noun) LISTEN       You've probably heard about the dating app Tinder, but do you know what the word means? Tinder is any material that burns easily, like dry wood or paper, that is used to start a fire. Tinder also has a figurative sense and refers to something used to initiate a reaction. Example sentences In ancient times, people carried tinder with them to start fires. You need some tinder to start the fire. Losing her job at the supermarket was the tinder Ana needed to […]

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