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February 23, 2016
wicked (adjective)
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The devil is wicked.
Wicked is used to refer to something evil and morally bad, dangerous, or unpleasant; however, it can also mean that someone is playfully mischievous or a little bit naughty. As a slang term, it means 'excellent' or 'cool,' and it is also used as an interjection.


Example sentences


The judge sentenced the murderer to life in jail for his wicked acts.
Tom knew Anna was joking from the wicked glint in her eye.
It really is wicked of you to feed me such lovely cakes; I'll get fat!
That's a wicked pair of shoes.
"You've got tickets to see the new Star Wars movie? Wicked!"


Words often used with wicked
no rest for the wicked: an ironic way of saying you have a lot of work to do or need to get back to work. Example: "Well, it's been nice to take a break, but no rest for the wicked. We'd better get this project finished."


Did you know?
As an interjection or way of saying something is excellent, wicked is synonymous with cool, but it is mainly used by younger people in the United Kingdom. When wicked is used to mean something is a bit naughty rather than actually evil, it is often used about indulgent things, like eating rich foods or treating yourself to something.
Other forms
wickedly (adverb), wickedness (noun)
Wicked dates back to approximately the mid-13th century; it comes from the Middle English word wikked, equivalent to wikke, meaning 'bad,' which was an adjective use of the Old English word wicca, meaning 'wizard.'
Wicked in other languages
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