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February 25, 2016
crunch (verb, noun)
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A man doing crunches.
To crunch means 'to chew something while making a loud crushing sound.' It also means 'to crush noisily.' As a noun, it is the sound of crushing and also an exercise for the abdominal muscles.


Example sentences


I just can't stand eating with him; his constant crunching is so annoying!
The mountains were so peaceful that we heard nothing but our boots crunching the snow as we walked.
Brenda heard the crunch of the tree falling onto her car.
I wanted to do 50 crunches at the gym today but I didn't even get to 30!


Words often used with crunch
The crunch is an informal way of referring to an important situation where a decision has to be made. It is common to hear the expression "when it comes to the crunch" in sentences like "Tom is a natural leader; he is always there to guide us when it comes to the crunch" or "It's a hard decision, but I know that when it comes to the crunch, you'll make the right choice." Credit crunch is an informal way of referring to the financial crisis of 2008.


Did you know?
Crunch time is a slang expression used to refer to the period of time just before something needs to be handed in or is due. At this time, people need to work quickly to get things done, and it is usually very stressful. "The deadline is just a few hours away now, so this is crunch time!"
Other forms
crunchy (adjective): food that makes a crunching sound when you bite it. For example "I like my cereal to be crunchy, so I prefer to have it without milk."
Crunch dates back to the late 18th century and is a blend of the words craunch and crush.
Other info
Crunch is also a verb that means 'to make calculations involving large amounts of data or numbers.' For example: "The new system crunches numbers four times quicker than the old one."
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