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March 1, 2016
bob (verb, noun)
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A bob hairstyle
As a noun, a bob is a short up and down movement, and also a short haircut that is popular among women and was especially common in the 1920s. As a verb, it also means 'to cut hair in a bob.' To bob also means 'to catch something that is floating in water with your teeth,' as part of a game ("bobbing for apples" is an especially common game around Halloween).


Example sentences


Julia gave a little bob as she was introduced to the princess.
Brenda went to the hairdresser and got herself a stylish bob.
At school many girls had their hair bobbed.
Tom bobbed for apples at his school's Halloween party, and he won a chocolate bar.


Words often used with bob
bob up (verb + adverb): to appear unexpectedly. Example: "My sister bobbed up from under the table and scared me to death!"
Multi-word forms
bits and bobs (idiom): mostly heard in the UK, it means 'small things' or 'tasks that need to be done.' Example "The room was very untidy, with bits and bobs lying around everywhere" or "I don't have too much work on at the moment–just a few bits and bobs."
Did you know?
Bob is also an informal word for a shilling, which was a coin used in British money before the currency was decimalized in 1971. There were 12 pennies in a shilling, and 20 bobs, or shillings, made one pound.
Bob dates back to the first half of the 15th century and comes from the late Middle English word bobben, meaning 'to move up and down.'
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