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March 28, 2016
swipe (verb, noun)
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Swiping a card
A swipe is a strong sweeping hit or blow—for example, with a golf club or cricket bat. Informally, a swipe is harsh criticism or a cutting remark. As a verb, to swipe means 'to hit with a sweeping blow' or, informally, 'to steal.' Swipe also means 'to slide a magnetic card through a card reader' or 'to move your fingers across a touch screen.'


Example sentences
With a swipe of her club, the golfer sent the ball flying toward the green.
Don't take any notice of Paul; he's in a bad mood today and he's taking a swipe at everybody.
The cricketer swiped at the ball.
Nancy swiped $20 from her dad's wallet when he wasn't looking.
Richard swiped his card to access the secure room.
Swipe the screen to unlock the phone.


Multi-word forms
swipe in/swipe out: to use a card or other magnetic device to get in or out of a door. Example: "The security at my office is quite high; all the employees have to swipe in and out."
Did you know?
The expressions swipe right and swipe left are used in the Tinder dating app, as literal instructions of what to do on your touch screen to show interest or disinterest in someone. Now people use these expressions colloquially to mean that they find someone attractive (swipe right) or unattractive (swipe left).
Other forms
swiper (noun), swipeable (adjective)
Swipe dates back to the early to mid-18th century; it is related to sweep and is a cognate with the German word schweifen.
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