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June 2016

Word of the Day: file

Word of the Day June 30, 2016 file (noun, verb) /faɪl/   LISTEN   A stack of files In computing, a file is a collection of information, such as a word processing document or spreadsheet, stored under a particular name. A file is also a collection of papers, usually stored in a folder, and it is also the folder or a case where documents are kept for future reference. A file is also a line of things or people, one behind the other. As a verb, file means 'to put in a cabinet or folder' or 'to arrange papers or other records in […]

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Word of the Day: weary

Word of the Day June 29, 2016 weary (adjective, verb) /ˈwɪri/   LISTEN     As an adjective, weary means 'tired,' both physically and mentally, and also 'dissatisfied with something' or 'impatient.' It is also used to talk about something that causes tiredness. As a verb, weary means both 'to cause tiredness' and 'to become tired' or 'to become or make someone become impatient or dissatisfied with something.'    Example sentences   • Jenny felt weary after her long walk. • The student was weary after studying so hard for his exams. • Nancy's boss was growing weary of her excuses […]

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Word of the Day: slack

Word of the Day June 28, 2016 slack (adjective, noun, adverb) /slæk/   LISTEN   A slack rope When something is slack, we mean that it is not tight, that it is loose, and, figuratively, it means 'not busy or active.' It also means 'negligent, lazy, or careless' when referring to a person. As a noun, a slack is a reduction in activity or the period in which activity decreases. It is also the part of a rope that hangs loose, and in this sense it is uncountable. As a verb, slack means 'to loosen or make less tight' and, […]

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Word of the Day: rack

Word of the Day June 27, 2016 rack (noun, verb) /ræk/   LISTEN   A rack of shoes Most commonly, a rack is a fixture used for storage, usually attached to a wall and with many shelves, or a framework of bars or pegs where things are arranged or hung. Historically, a rack was a torture instrument. Nowadays, a rack is also a slang term used in the US to refer to a woman's breasts. As a verb, to rack means 'to torture or torment someone' or 'to strain both physically and mentally.'   Example sentences   • Rachel keeps all […]

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Word of the Day: drift

Word of the Day June 24, 2016 drift (verb, noun) /drɪft/   LISTEN   A paper boat drifting along a river To drift means 'to carry or to be carried along by a current of water or air' and, in reference to snow, it means 'to be driven into heaps.' Figuratively, it means 'to be carried along by circumstances.' To drift also means 'to walk without aim' or, in reference to someone's mind or attention, 'to lose concentration.' A drift is a driving movement, as of a current of water, and also a heap, or big pile, of something, usually snow. […]

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