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July 15, 2016
load (noun, verb)
/loʊd/   sound icon
A man loading crates of fish into a truck
A load is anything that needs to be carried from one place to another, and it is also the quantity that can be carried at one time. This is usually used in combination with another noun. A load is also the amount of work that someone has to do and a thing that burdens or oppresses someone. As a verb, to load means 'to fill or put a load on or in something' or, usually with down 'to excessively supply something or someone.' To load also means 'to burden or oppress.'


Example sentences
When you've put that stuff in the car, come back and get another load.
The shop received a delivery of a truckload of oranges.
Seeing that Jane was overworked, the boss delegated some of her load to another employee.
I know you're having a really hard time right now with your parents being ill, so let me know if I can do anything to lighten the load for you.
The workers are loading the truck now.
Bill is really loaded down with work at the moment.
Being loaded down with obligations can be very stressful.


Multi-word forms
get a load of something (informal): look at something. Example: "Would you get a load of that? That guy is wearing his underpants on his head!"
Additional information
Loads, always in the plural, is also an adverb that means very much. Example: "I love you loads." You can also use loads or a load to mean 'many' or 'a large amount.' Example: "There are loads of advantages to living in the countryside."
Did you know?
The related adjective loaded is an informal way of saying someone is very, very rich. Example: "Wow, look at that house! Whoever lives there must be absolutely loaded!"
Load dates back to before the year 1000. The noun comes from the Middle English lode, which can be traced back to the Old English lād, meaning 'way, course or carrying.' The verb form appeared in the 12th century. In the 13th century, it also took on the meanings of the Middle English lade (and its verb laden), meaning 'to load, heap up, burden,' which is why this verb has so many different, but related meanings.
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