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July 18, 2016
spin (verb, noun)
/spɪn/  sound icon
I love it when my mom spins me around in circles!
To spin means 'to rotate quickly' or 'to have the feeling of rotating,' usually to mean you feel dizzy. Spin also means 'to travel quickly,' 'to invent a story' or, with out, 'to make something longer than necessary.' In the textile industry it means 'to form fibers into threads,' and, in the animal world, 'to form threads or webs from the body.' As a noun, a spin is rotating movement and, figuratively, a downward and sudden trend. Informally, a spin is a short drive for pleasure.


Example sentences
Washing machines spin clothes to get most of the water out of them.
There was too much information and my head was spinning.
The car was spinning along the country roads.
My Uncle Bob was always spinning tall tales.
Somehow, Kate always manages to spin three hours work out to last for the whole day.
Thread used to be spun by hand, but now it is done by machines.
Henry watched the spider spinning its web.
Political uncertainty has caused prices to go into a spin.


Multi-word forms
spin your wheels: not be doing anything productive. Example: "Laura was out of work and was just spinning her wheels while she waited for an opportunity to come along."
Additional information
Spin is also an informal term that means 'to present information in a way designed to create a particular impression,' usually used in politics. Example: "The story should have been a disaster for the government, but they spun it so that it looked like it was a positive development."
Did you know?
A spin-off (or spinoff) is a TV show, film, or book derived from another successful production or publication. For example, the sitcom Frasier was a spin-off of Cheers.
Other forms
spinner (noun), spinnable (adjective)
The word spin dates back to before 900. It comes from the Old English verb spinnan, which meant 'to spin yarn,' and became the Middle English verb spinnen before taking the form we use now. It is similar to the Dutch and German verb spinnen, as well as the Old Norse spinna and the Gothic spinnan.
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