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January 2017

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: coach

In the UK, a coach is a bus, a car on a train, and also a large horse-drawn carriage, usually an enclosed one. In US English, coach is also the coloquial name for least expensive class of plane seat, also known as economy or tourist class. In sports, a coach is a person who trains a team or an athlete and, outside sports, a coach is a private instructor. As a verb, to coach means ‘to train, instruct or work as a coach.’ As an adverb…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: sneak

To sneak means ‘to behave as if to be unnoticed or unseen’ or ‘to behave dishonestly or secretively.’ It also means ‘to put something away or to move it in a secretive way.’ In UK English, and rather dated now, to sneak means ‘to inform on someone,’ particularly at school. As a noun, a sneak is a person who is not trustworthy or, again in dated UK English, an informer. As an adjective, sneak…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: clog

To clog means ‘to block or obstruct with a thick substance,’ ‘to fill excessively,’ and ‘to hinder or impede.’ A clog is anything that restricts movement. Unrelatedly, a clog is a type of shoe or sandal with a thick sole, made of wood or cork, or a shoe without a back (ie, there is no material behind the heel). A clog dance is a type of dance performed wearing these shoes and to clog, as a verb, is also to dance…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: mock

To mock means ‘to make fun of someone’ or, more aggressively, ‘to attack someone by treating them with ridicule’ and also ‘to mimic or copy.’ Mock also means ‘to defy or challenge’ and ‘to deceive or disappoint.’ As a noun, a mock is an imitative or ridiculing speech or something fake, though it’s not used this way very often these days. As an adjective, mock refers to…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: burst

To burst means ‘to break suddenly’ or ‘to come forth suddenly and with force and impact.’ When talking about feelings, burst means ‘to suddenly show them.’ Burst also means ‘to appear all of a sudden.’ As a noun, a burst is the act of bursting, a sudden expression of an emotion, and an intense effort or display…

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