Basic+ Word of the Day: silly

silly (adjective) LISTEN

A silly face.

If someone or something is silly, it means that they are stupid.

  • He’s a very silly man.
  • That’s a silly idea.

If something is silly, it can also mean that it is strange and funny.

  • He always wears silly ties to work.

Or it can mean that someone isn’t serious.

  • Stop being silly and do some work.

Common uses

When we do something that we think is stupid, we sometimes say, “Silly me!” For example: “Do you know where my glasses are?” “They’re on your head!” “Oh silly me! I thought I lost them!”

In pop culture

Silly putty is a children’s toy. It’s called silly putty because you can do silly (not serious) things with it. Watch this advert from the 1980s and listen for these words in the song: “Silly putty, it’s fun for almost everyone!” What can you do with silly putty?

There are other meanings of silly.

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