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May 2017

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: haul

To haul means ‘to pull something hard’ or ‘drag it with force’ or to ‘carry or transport something.’ It also means ‘to take someone somewhere forcibly,’ particularly to court. As a noun, a haul is the action of dragging something, the load of something dragged at one time, and also the distance over which things are transported. Something taken or acquired, often illegally,…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: hedge

A hedge is a row of bushes or small trees that forms a barrier or boundary or, more generally, anything that forms a boundary or barrier. It is also an action taken to protect something, such as an investment, from risks and a statement that does not commit the speaker to something or does not answer a question directly. As a verb, to hedge means ‘to enclose with a hedge’ or, often followed by in or about, ‘to restrict as if putting up a hedge.’ To hedge is also to reduce the negative effects of a possible loss by favoring or supporting more than one side, most often…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: sop

A sop is a piece of solid food, usually bread, used for dipping in liquid food like soups or gravies. Figuratively, anything completely soaked can be called a sop. Something of little value given to someone to keep them satisfied or quiet is also called a sop. Colloquially, a weak and foolish person is also a sop. As a verb, to sop means ‘to soak in liquid’ and, figuratively,…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: droop

To droop means ‘to hang down loosely or sink,’ as from weakness, exhaustion, or because there’s no proper support. Figuratively, when we talk about spirits or morale, it means ‘to fade or flag’ and, poetically, when we talk about the sun, it means ‘to descend.’ A droop is a sagging, sinking, or hanging down…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: bulk

Bulk is great size or weight and also the greatest part of something. We also use it, usually with a possessive adjective, to talk about someone’s body, especially a large and heavy body. As an adjective, it refers to the transportation of cargo in large volumes, rather than individual packages, or anything bought or sold in large quantities. To bulk means ‘to swell or increase in size,’ usually with the adverbs up or out, and, often with large, ‘to be of great…

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