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June 2017

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: bull

A bull is, as you may know, the male of a cow and it is also a male elephant or moose. In religion, a bull is a document issued by the pope. Unrelatedly, and as a slang term, bull is a synonym for ‘lies’ or ‘exaggerations’ and, in US English, if you bull someone, it means that you try to impress them by telling lies…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: itch

When your skin itches, it means that you feel a tingling irritation that makes you want to scratch. Everything that causes that feeling, like clothes for example, also itches. A bit confusing perhaps, but, informally, to itch also means to scratch something that itches. Figuratively, it also means ‘to have a strong desire to do something.’ As a noun, an itch is the sensation…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: crap

You might have heard that crap is used as an interjection when something goes wrong. This is because, colloquially and somewhat vulgarly, crap means ‘excrement’ or ‘the act of defecation,’ and ‘junk or litter.’ Also very colloquially, crap can mean ‘nonsense’ or ‘a lie’. As a verb, it means ‘to defecate.’ However craps, always with the “s” on the end, is also a dice game….

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: boost

To boost means ‘to lift something or someone by pushing from below’ and ‘to increase.’ It also means ‘to speak well of someone or something in order to help.’ As a US slang term, to boost means ‘to shoplift.’ As a noun, a boost is an upward raise, an increase, and a remark that helps someone…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: peg

A peg is a wooden or plastic pin driven into something and used for fastening or support. In British English, a pin used to fasten washing to a line is a peg (in US English, this is called a clothespin), and informally, a leg can be called a peg, although this is now dated. A peg is also a degree or level and, in US English, it is a hard throw, especially in baseball. As a verb, to peg means ‘to fasten with pegs,’ ‘to keep at a set level,’ and, in US English, ‘to throw hard.’ Informally, if you peg someone…

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