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June 2017

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: slot

A slot is a thin and narrow opening for receiving something, such as a piece of paper or a coin, and also a place or position in a sequence, series, or schedule. Informally, it’s also a job opening. As a verb, to slot is to make a slot in something, to put something into a slot, or to fit someone or something into a schedule…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: lock

A lock is a device we use for keeping something closed and fastened and, on old guns, it is the mechanism that explodes the charge. In US English, it is also complete control or an unbreakable hold on something and, informally, a sure thing. To lock means ‘to close and fasten with a lock,’ ‘to hold in an embrace,’ or ‘to unite firmly.’ Unrelatedly, a lock is a section of hair, especially a curl or a piece that has been cut off and given to someone, and, in the plural, locks means…

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