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August 2017

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: shine

To shine means ‘to glow with light’ or ‘to be bright with reflected light.’ If you shine something at someone or something, it means that you direct the light of it towards that person or thing. Figuratively, if you do very well at something, we say you shine and we also say that if you look particularly lively and happy. To polish shoes is also to shine. As a noun, the brightness…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: spill

To spill means to let something fall accidentally from a container, especially if it is liquid, or to scatter something over a surface. Mainly in the UK, to spill is also to cause to fall from a horse or vehicle. If something flows strongly or in great quantities, that’s also to spill. Figuratively, spill can also mean ‘to move in great numbers,’ as people do. Informally, to spill is to let secrets or information…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: mighty

If something is mighty it means that it has or shows superior power or strength. It can also means that it’s very big in size or amount or that it’s exceptional in some kind of way. As an adverb, informally, mighty is a synonym for ‘extremely.’ As a noun, the mighty, used as a plural, refers to powerful people considered as…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: steal

You probably know that steal means ‘to take something that belongs to someone else without their permission.’ It also means ‘to move or go quietly’ or ‘to happen gradually, without really being noticed.’ In baseball, it means ‘to reach a base safely by running while the ball is being pitched to the player at bat.’ As a noun, a steal is…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: ham

You might know already that ham is ‘a cut of meat that comes from the hind quarter of a hog’ (a pig raised for eating). It is also used for human anatomy, often in the plural form hams, and it means ‘the back of the thigh, or the thigh and the buttock together.’ Unrelatedly, ‘an actor or performer who performs in a exaggerated way or overacts’ is also called a ham and so is ‘an amateur radio operator.’ The verb to ham means…

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