Basic+ Word of the Day: worry

worry (verb, noun) past tense: worried LISTEN

"I'm worried about my mom."

Worry means ‘to feel nervous or anxious.’

  • The high cost of college worries the young parents.
  • Taylor forgot to study and worried that she would fail the test.
  • "Don't worry.Your presentation will be great!"

Worry can also be ‘a feeling of anxiousness.’

  • Sara had no worries; she believed everything would be ok.

Common uses

worry wart: A person who always finds something to worry about.

worried sick: The feeling of being extremely anxious. Example: “When their daughter didn’t get home by midnight, her parents were worried sick.”

In pop culture

Are you a worry wart? Then watch this funny video of Bobby McFerrin singing, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” It should make you feel better.

There are other meanings of worry.

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