Basic+ Word of the Day Holiday Short Story Contest


We are happy to announce the winning short story for this year’s Basic+ Word of the Day Short Story Contest, by Lydiane, from Paris, France! Here it is:


Alice is a bass player. Well, not yet. She’s learning bass guitar but her teacher wants her to play on stage for a Christmas party during the holidays. She’s apparently convinced THAT Alice will be ABLE to do it. Alice doesn’t AGREE with that, but for once she wants to overcome her USUAL shyness.


Alice is fifty and it CAN be hard to consider yourself a total beginner when you GROW old. Since she accepted to play at the concert, she can’t RELAX anymore. On stage, with a CROWDED audience, an amp, FEAR is coming…. She can’t get this event out of her head and her body is already starting to FAIL: no breath anymore, headaches, insomnia. “And if I play a WRONG note? If I break a string during the show? If I don’t manage to correctly SWITCH on the amp?” “I have to CHECK my tuning before…but if I FORGET the melody?” She can’t stop feeling worried about it, but she won’t give it up: “I waited until now to be a bass player. I’m not EXPECTING anything, and I just want to FEEL FREE to play songs I love and to be PROUD of it.”


These are the runners-up (that means that we liked your story but you are not the winner):


Jorge, from Santander, Spain

Nicole, from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Diletta, from Catanzaro, Italy

Samir, from Meknes, Morocco


If you are the winner or runner-up, we will email you soon about your prize!


Thanks to all those who entered, and happy holidays and happy new year to everyone! Thank you very much for supporting Word of the Day. We love writing it for you!

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