Basic+ Word of the Day: cuddle

cuddle (verb, noun) past tense: cuddled LISTEN

Cuddle means ‘to hold close in an affectionate manner.’

  • Sophie cuddles with her little boy before bedtime every night.
  • The couple cuddled on the couch and watched a movie.
  • Margaret cuddled up to her cat.

Cuddle is also the act of cuddling.

  • "You look sad. Do you need a cuddle?"

Common uses

cuddle up with a good book: to relax and read a book. Example: “It’s raining so hard that all I want to do is go home and cuddle up with a good book.”

Did you know?

A cuddle buddy is someone who you feel comfortable cuddling with. You may even cuddle in bed, but you don’t have sex.

In pop culture

Listen to this 1944 recording of Betty Grable singing “Cuddle up a Little Closer.”

There are other meanings of cuddle.

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