Basic+ Word of the Day: truce

truce (noun) LISTEN

A truce is the stopping of hostilities between opposing parties. It can be permanent or temporary.

  • The generals of each army negotiated a truce.
  • The strike ended when the union leaders and the company managment reached a truce.
  • The warring armies declared a truce over the holiday week.
  • The divorced couple maintained a truce for the sake of the children.

Did you know?

A truce flag is a white flag that one army waves at the other to show that they want to stop fighting and are ready to negotiate a truce.

In pop culture

The Truce (La Tregua) is a movie about what happened to one Italian Auschwitz prisoner after he is liberated after the truce that ended World War II. Watch the trailer:

And one more..

Listen to twenty one pilots’ inspiriational song “Truce.” Whom do you think is making a truce in this song?

There are other meanings of truce.
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