Basic+ Word of the Day: maniac

maniac (adjective) LISTEN

A maniac is an insane person; a lunatic.

  • There is a maniac in the neighborhood shooting at random cars.
  • Some maniac is driving the wrong way on the highway.

A maniac can also be someone who is very enthusiastic about something.

  • Hector's old roommate was a maniac about neatness.
  • Allison is a complete maniac when it comes to Lord of the Rings.

Did you know?

Maniac is a term that is used informally–not by scientists. Some people find casual terms that refer to mental health offensive, so don’t call someone a maniac to their face–especially if they are mentally unstable.

Related words

maniacal: of or pertaining to a maniac. Example: “The horror story was about a maniacal scientist.”

In pop culture

The Netflix series, Maniac, is about a pharmaceutical trial affecting the brain that does not go as planned. Watch the trailer.

There are other meanings of maniac.
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