Basic+ Word of the Day: season

season (noun, verb) past tense: seasoned LISTEN

Autumn is my favorite season.

Seasons are the four main periods of the year.

  • During the winter season, many people like to ski.
  • Spring is the season of rebirth.

A season is also a time when certain conditions or activities take place.

  • Basketball season and hockey season are at the same time.
  • The planting season starts after the last frost.
  • It's difficult to find a hotel during the tourist season.

Season also means ‘to flavor food with salt, pepper, spices and herbs.’

  • If you season the steak a half hour before you grill it, it is more flavorful.

Common uses

in season: in the proper time or state for use. Example: “When apples are in season, we make cider.”

out of season: not in season. Example: “Stores now stock berries even when the are out of season here.”

In pop culture

Duck season is the time of the year when it is legal to hunt ducks. Watch this Looney Tunes cartoon. Who is smarter–the duck or the rabbit?

There are other meanings of season.
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