Basic+ Word of the Day Poem Contest Results

Thank you for your entries in the Word of the Day poem contest! We had a lot of creative poems to choose from this year, and it wasn’t an easy decision. The winner of the Basic+ contest is Mapi from Pamplona, Spain. The runners up are Ma Andrea Tandoc from Paris, France, and César Martínez Pichardo from Spain. Honorable mention to Pol Planas Esteve from Barcelona, Spain. We will email the winners and runners up soon to arrange your prizes. Below we present you with the winning poem.

Happy holidays and happy new year to all of our loyal readers!

By Mapi from Pamplona, Spain


As a new HOLY Christmas approaches,

A new AIM blazes,

A new aim that even me AMAZES:

Something I want to erase,

But what will I ERASE?

For sure, any resemblance to hatred from my face,

As I long for all malice in me to FADE

In this new year I want those feelings to BETRAY

So that they don’t ACHE

So that they don’t remain

So that the PAIN goes away

In this new year

I want to start over again.

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Word of the Day is released Monday through Friday.

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