Intermediate+ Word of the Day Poem Contest Results

Thank you for your entries in the Word of the Day poem contest! We had a lot of creative poems to choose from this year, and it wasn’t an easy decision. The winner of the Intermediate+ contest is Silvia Zaoli from Rimini, Italy. The runners up are Madeleine from Paris, France, and Iman from Paris, France. Honorable mention to Ricardo Sandez from Lima, Peru. We will email the winners and runners up soon to arrange your prizes. Below we present you with the winning poem!

Happy holidays and happy new year to all of our loyal readers!

By Silvia Zaoli from Rimini, Italy


“People look JOLLY today” he thought,

digging his LAIR in the blanket.

“Before I’ve rarely seen such liveliness and GLEE.

What happened to the GLOOM of cold,

GRIM winter days?”

And TUGGING at the SWAG of spiny holly leaves

he GASPED, surprised and STUNG

and wondered, rightly so,

“What is so special in this icy day of late December

to CRAM the house with thorny branches,

GILDED ribbons, balls and pines?

For me all days are equal,

I BASK, idle, chase rats,

it may sound empty or boring

but that’s the life of cats!”


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Word of the Day is released Monday through Friday.

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