Basic+ Word of the Day: dish

dish (noun, verb) LISTEN

A dish is another word for a plate.

  • I put the cookies on a dish.

We can use the word dishes, always in the plural, to mean all the plates, glasses, and other similar things that are dirty after we eat.

  • You cooked, so I'll wash the dishes.

We also use the word dish to talk about a specific food that you have to prepare.

  • Spaghetti carbonara is an Italian dish made with bacon.

Common uses

We can say, “wash the dishes” or “do the dishes.” They mean the same thing. But make the dishes means something different; that uses the third meaning of dish, ‘food you have to prepare.’ For example, “I made four dishes for the dinner party–pasta, broccoli, potatoes, and chocolate mousse.”

Related words

A satellite dish is something that some people have on the side of their house, so that they can watch satellite television.

In pop culture

Fancy dishes or decorative dishes are sometimes called china, because they were made from porcelain, which came from China. In this video, Michelle Obama talks about the china at the White House.

There are other meanings of dish.

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