Basic+ Word of the Day: travel

travel (verb, adjective) past tense: traveled LISTEN

I went traveling for a year.

If you travel, it means that you go somewhere far away.

  • Do you prefer to travel by plane or train?

If you go traveling, it means that you go to different countries because you want to see the world.

  • After university, I went traveling for a year.

We can use travel to talk about things that are good to take on vacation with you. For example, a travel hairdryer is a small hairdryer that can go in your suitcase.

  • I’m taking a travel pillow so I can sleep on the plane.

Related words

A travel agency is a place that sells vacations. For example, you can buy plane tickets or reserve hotel rooms at a travel agency.

In pop culture

The Long Way Round is a TV show about two men who travel around the world on their motorbikes. One of the men is the actor Ewan McGregor. In this video, the men are in Mongolia and they’re trying traditional food. The Mongolian people want them to eat something unusual. Do the men like the food?

There are other meanings of travel.
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