Basic+ Word of the Day: equal

equal (adjective, noun) LISTEN

Equal rights

Equal means ‘the same in quantity, degree or value.’

  • The red dress and the blue dress of are equal value, but I prefer the blue one.
  • Both job applicants have equal experience, but I like Jeremy better.

Equal also means ‘to be equal.’

  • Twelve inches equal one foot.
  • The marathon runner tried to equal her time from last year's race.

Equal is also someone or something of an equivalent value.

  • Although Sally was promoted to manager, she still considered her co-workers as equals.
  • The apple pie at the diner has no equal.

Did you know?

The Equal Rights Amendment, a proposed amendment to the US Constitution would give equal rights to all citizens regardless of gender. It passed Congress in 1971. To become a law it would have to be approved by 38 states; it was only approved by 35. Do you think it would be successful if it was taken up again today?

In pop culture

Watch Emma Watson speak to the United Nations about gender equality:

There are other meanings of equal.
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