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November 2020

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: hut

A hut is a small and simple construction or dwelling, especially when made of natural materials, such as logs or grass. A roofed shelter with one or two sides left open can also be called a hut. In military terms, a hut is a temporary structure for housing troops. As a verb, to hut is now rare, but it means…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: din

A din is a loud and continuous confused noise, usually coming from a big crowd of people. It is less common as a verb, but to din means ‘to sound with clamor or persistent repetition,’ ‘to teach by repetition,’ usually followed by into, and also ‘to assail someone with a loud and continuous confused…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: clod

A clod is a lump or a mass of soil or earth and it can also be used to mean ‘soil or earth’ in general. Clod can also be used figuratively to refer to the human body, as a literary term, in reference to humans having been created by God from the dust of the ground. Informally, you can call a stupid person a clod. Unrelatedly, a clod is a meat cut…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: rib

You might already know that a rib is one of a series of curved bones connected to the backbone that we humans and other animals have on each side of our bodies. Rib is also the cut of beef, pork, or lamb that contains the rib. Rib can also be used for anything that resembles a…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: prop

A prop is a support, and to prop means ‘to support and prevent from falling with or as with a prop’ or ‘to rest a thing against a wall or other means of support.’ Usually followed by up, it also means ‘to support or sustain something.’ Unrelatedly, a prop is a movable object used on stage or in a movie to enrich a performance; in this sense it is short for…

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