Intermediate+ Word of the Day: whomp

whomp (noun, verb) /hwomp/

Mainly in US English, a whomp is a loud, heavy blow, slap, or bang. The verb means, of course, ‘to slap or strike heavily’ or ‘to make a banging noise.’ Figuratively, and rather informally, it means ‘to defeat decisively.’

Example sentences

  • The boxer gave his opponent a whomp.
  • I heard the whomp of the newspaper hitting the floor.
  • The drunk whomped the man who had spilled his drink.
  • Guns were whomping in the distance.
  • The home team whomped the visiting side.

Words often used with whomp

whomp up (US): to rouse. Example: “The campaigners whomped up support for the new cycle lanes.”

In pop culture

The Whomp King or Giant Whomp is a character in the Mario Games franchise. This video tells you more about the Whomp King:

Did you know?

Whomp! is also the name of an online comic, which you can read by clicking here.


Whomp dates back to the mid-1920s. The noun was first used in the US, and it originated from the imitation of a heavy blow, or something falling with a heavy thud. The verb comes from the noun, and dates back to the 1950s, also in US English.

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