Basic+ Word of the Day: view

view (noun, verb) past tense: viewed LISTEN

A beautiful view

If something has a view, it means that you can see something from it. Usually the thing that you can see is pretty—for example a mountain or lake.

  • My hotel room has a view of the sea.

If you have a good view of something, it means that you can see it well.

  • We were at the front, so we had a good view of the show.

If you view something, it means that you go somewhere to see it.

  • Visitors to the art gallery can view some of Picasso’s paintings.

Your view, or point of view, is your opinion about something.

  • I’d like to hear your point of view.
  • We have different views about the economy.

In pop culture

Gravity is a movie about a woman who goes into space. In this video from the movie, the woman and her colleague are talking about their favorite things about space. The man looks at the Earth and says, “Can’t beat the view.” When he says that, he means, “There isn’t any view better than this view.” What does the woman like about space?

There are other meanings of view.

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