Basic+ Word of the Day: nut

nut (noun) LISTEN

A nut is a hard dry fruit or seed that may be eaten and is covered in a hard shell.

  • Many children are allergic to nuts.
  • The box of mixed nuts includes walnuts, almonds, macadamias and peanuts.

A person who is very enthusiastic about something may be called a nut.

  • Mary's brothers are all football nuts; they watch the games together every week.

Common uses

tough nut to crack: a difficult problem. (Tough means difficult.) Example: “Finding a solution that makes everyone happy is a tough nut to crack.”

be nuts about someone: to love someone very much. Example: “Jason is nuts about Allison and thinks about her all the time.”

In pop culture

Watch this old commercial that compares two candy bars. One has nuts and one doesn’t.

There are other meanings of nut.

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