Basic+ Word of the Day: puzzle

puzzle (noun, verb) past tense: puzzled LISTEN

A jigsaw puzzle

A puzzle is a toy, game, or problem that presents difficulties to be solved by clever thinking or great effort.

  • Cecile does the New York Times crossword puzzle every Sunday.
  • Evan works on the jigsaw puzzle every night before bed.

Puzzle also means ‘to confuse or mystify.’

  • Fred's attitude puzzles me.
  • The patient's symptoms puzzled the doctor.

Did you know?

Do you like math puzzles? Then try this one.

In pop culture

Do you know TED? TED is a media organization that posts talks online, called TED talks, for free distribution. They also have a YouTube channel called TED Ed. Watch this video from it and try to solve the green eyed logic puzzle. Do you think you can?

There are other meanings of puzzle.

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