Basic+ Word of the Day: smash

smash (verb, noun) past tense: smashed LISTEN

A smashed window

Smash means ‘to cause to break into pieces.’

  • Tyler smashed his mother's plate.
  • The vase smashed to pieces.

Smash also means ‘to hit or drive with force.’

  • The driver lost control and smashed the car into a tree.

Smash is also the act or instance of smashing.

  • The smash of a car hitting a wall woke all the neighbors.

Common uses

smash hit: a movie or play that has great success. Example: “Black Panther is a smash hit at movie theaters around the world.”

In pop culture

Smash was a 2012 US TV show about a theater company working on a new Broadway show about Marilyn Monroe. Of course, they were hoping it would be a smash hit. Watch the trailer here:

There are other meanings of smash.
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