Basic+ Word of the Day: nugget

nugget (noun) LISTEN

A gold nugget

A nugget is a small piece of something valuable, especially gold.

  • The miner was excited when he found gold nuggets.

A nugget can also be something very small, but also very important or significant.

  • There was a nugget of truth in the politician's speech.
  • If Jeff listened closely to his professor, he would often hear a nugget of wisdom.

Common uses

Chicken nuggets are fast food items that are especially popular with young children and busy parents. Small pieces of chicken are breaded and fried, and eaten with sweet or tart sauces.

In pop culture

Watch this video called Nuggets. It’s about a bird that finds a nugget that tastes really good, and another, and another. What does it make you think about?

There are other meanings of nugget.
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