Basic+ Word of the Day: hunt

hunt (verb, noun) past tense: hunted LISTEN

Hunt means ‘to chase wild animals for the purpose of catching or killing them.’

  • Zach and Lance hunt deer in the autumn.

Hunt also means ‘to search thoroughly.’

  • Every Sunday, Tom and Annie hunt for a new house.
  • Joan hunted every store in the mall for a scarf to match her new dress.

A hunt is a search or pursuit.

  • The hunt for the plane wreckage took several months.

Related words

manhunt: a search for a criminal. Example: “After the prisoner escaped, the police conducted a manhunt of the entire county.”

Did you know?

This Sunday, Christian families around the world celebrate Easter. Egg hunts are popular in some countries at Easter time. Parents hide real eggs, candy eggs, or plastic eggs filled with candy or toys around the house or garden and the children hunt for them.

In pop culture

Watch this video of two small children on an Easter egg hunt in their house. Is this a custom in your country?

There are other meanings of hunt.
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