Basic+ Word of the Day: skill

skill (noun) LISTEN

A chef needs strong knife skills.

Skill is the knowledge or ability to do something well.

  • The new manager showed great skill in listening to all points of view before making her decision.
  • The diplomat's language skills served him well when he was posted to different countries.
  • Pat's greatest skill was explaining complex ideas in a simple way.

A skill is also a craft of trade that requires special training.

  • Andrew has excellent woodworking skills.

Common uses

soft skills: character traits that help you interact with other people. Some examples are communication skills, positive attitude, and ability to work well with others.

motor skills: ability to use your muscles effectively to move. Examples of gross motor skills are walking and jumping. Examples of fine motor skills are writing and tying a knot.

In pop culture

Watch this 1992 classic of the Beastie Boys, “Skills to Pay the Bills.”

There are other meanings of skill.
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