Basic+ Word of the Day: bet

bet (verb, noun) past tense: bet LISTEN

Bet means ‘to risk (something of value) on an unknown event.’

  • Walter bets $2.00 on the lottery every week.
  • I bet you can't finish your homework before dinner.
  • Do you want to bet?

A bet is a gamble.

  • Tom made a bet with Lynn that he could eat five hot dogs in one hour.
  • The roulette players placed their bets.

Common uses

bet the farm: to risk everything that you have. Example: “The businessman bet the farm on the new accounting system.”

Did you know?

You bet is an informal way to emphasize that you agree with something that was just said. Example: “Would you like another piece of cake?” “You bet!”

I bet is a sarcastic way to say that you disagree with something that was just said. Example: “Once the tax bill is passed, everyone will have more money.” “I bet!”

In pop culture

Watch this classic 2006 Arctic Monkeys video of “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor.”

There are other meanings of bet.
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