Basic+ Word of the Day: warn

warn (verb) past tense: warned LISTEN

A warning sign

Warn means ‘to give advance notice, especially of danger.’

  • The weather report warned residents of tornadoes in the area.
  • The teacher warned the students that cheating would result in a failing grade.

Warn also means ‘to advise someone to do something.’

  • The financial advisor warned his clients to invest their money wisely.

Related words

warning: something that warns. Example: “After reading the warning on the medicine bottle, I decided not to take it.”

Did you know?

Traffic signs in the US are classified by their shape and color. If you see a gold, diamond-shaped sign, that is a warning sign. It may have a symbol, like an arrow indicating a winding road, or words, like the sign pictured above.

In pop culture

Have you ever noticed that warnings are all around us? Listen to Green Day sing “Warning.” In the chorus, they say, “Warning, live without warning.” Do you agree?

There are other meanings of warn.

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