Basic+ Word of the Day: booty

booty (noun) LISTEN

Pirates' booty

Booty means ‘valuable things taken by thieves.’

  • The pirates boarded the ship and took gold as their booty.
  • The burglars sold their booty to a dishonest shopowner.

Common uses

A booty call is an invitation for a sexual encounter. Example: “Are you going to her house to do physics homework or is this a booty call?”

Did you know?

Booty is a slang term for buttocks. Example: “How does my booty look in these jeans?”

In pop culture

In the summer of 1976, everyone was singing and dancing to KC & the Sunshine Band’s hit, “Shake Your Booty.” It’s time to get out of your chair and dance with them!

There are other meanings of booty.
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