Basic+ Word of the Day: wander

wander (verb) past tense: wandered LISTEN

Wandering through a field

Wander means ‘to move around without a plan or purpose.’

  • Joan wandered through the botanic garden enjoying the smells and sounds of spring.

Wander also means ‘to move away from a path or subject.’

  • During history class, Allison's mind wandered.
  • During meditation, when your mind wanders, concentrate on your breathing.

Wander can also mean ‘to go in an irregular direction.’

  • Stan's eyes wandered when the beautiful woman walked by.

Don't confuse it with

wonder, a verb which is also a noun and an adjective. Read its meaning by clicking  the word!

Related words

wanderer: a person who travels around with no specific plan.

In pop culture

If you were a teenager in 1961 in the US, you probably danced to Dion’s “The Wanderer.” It’s about a man who wanders from town to town and has many lovers. Do you think this song would be popular today?

There are other meanings of wander.

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