Basic+ Word of the Day: hasty

hasty (adjective) LISTEN

"I'd better be hasty or I'll miss my meeting!"

Hasty means ‘too quick’ or ‘hurried.’

  • Gerald regretted his hasty decision to quit his job without having another one.
  • Ella gave her essay a hasty look before she turned it in to the professor.

Hasty also means ‘fast and superficial.’

  • The busy emergency nurse gave the patient a hasty examination and sent him for an x-ray.
  • Don't jump to hasty conclusions before considering the facts.

Did you know?

The Hasty Pudding Club is a Harvard University social club established in 1795. Originally, at each meeting, a member would make hasty pudding (a traditional American and British hot cereal similar to polenta) for the other members. Hasty Pudding Theatricals, a troupe that puts on satiric comedies, grew out of the original club. You can learn more about it here.

In pop culture

The Hasty Heart is a movie about Allied soldiers in a hospital in Burma in 1945 and the nurse who takes care of them. Of course, a dying solider falls in love with the nurse. He tells his comrades, “They say sorrow is born in the hasty heart.” Watch the trailer:

There are other meanings of hasty.

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