Basic+ Word of the Day: gamble

gamble (verb, noun) past tense: gambled LISTEN

Gamble means ‘to play at a game of chance for money or another prize.’

  • When Gary goes to Las Vegas he likes to gamble at the roulette table.
  • Poker is a card game in which you gamble.

Gamble also means ‘to risk something of value on an uncertain outcome.’

  • Steve gambled his life savings on a real estate deal.

A gamble is any matter involving risk.

  • Hiring young sales representatitves with no experience was a gamble that succeeded.

Don't confuse it with

gambol: to jump or dance about happily. Example: “On the first warm day, the children gamboled through the field of flowers.”

In pop culture

Casino is a movie about gambling: gambling on building a casino in the middle of the desert; gambling on a new manager for the casino; gambling on personal relationships; and of course, gambling in the casino. Watch the trailer:

There are other meanings of gamble.

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