Basic+ Word of the Day: aim

aim (verb, noun) past tense: aimed LISTEN

Aim means ‘to direct an object toward a target.’

  • William Tell aimed the arrow at the apple.
  • The baseball pitcher aimed the ball at the strike zone.

Aim also means ‘to direct an effort toward a goal.’

  • Our store aims to please our customers.
  • The lawyer aimed his remarks at the jury.

An aim is a purpose or goal.

  • The new manager's aim is to increase sales without raising expenses.

Common uses

Take aim at means ‘to point a weapon at.’ Example: “The hunter took aim at the deer.” But it can also mean ‘to direct efforts to.’ Example: “The prosecutor took aim at all the gang-related cases.”

Did you know?

Ready, aim, fire is a command that soldiers are given when they are shooting at a target. First they get in position; then they aim at their target; and finally, they shoot.

In pop culture

Listen to the song “Shoot High, Aim Low,” by the band Yes:

There are other meanings of aim.

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