Basic+ Word of the Day: beyond

beyond (preposition, adverb) LISTEN

"The hotel is just beyond the next traffic light."

Beyond means ‘more distant than.’

  • Melanie dreams about what lies beyond the horizon.
  • The farm is beyond the town.

Beyond also means ‘outside the limits of.’

  • Rob's back pain is beyond endurance.
  • Running a marathon is beyond my ability.

Common uses

be beyond someone: to be outside the limits of understanding. Example: “It’s beyond me why you pay $5 for a bottle of water.”

go above and beyond: to do more than is required. Example: “You went above and beyond when you worked all weekend to finish the project.”

Did you know?

The great beyond refers to the life after you die. For example, “Grandpa is no longer with us; he’s gone to the great beyond.”

In pop culture

Listen to Madness sing “One Step Beyond.” What do you think they are beyond?

There are other meanings of beyond.

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