Basic+ Word of the Day: subject

subject (noun, verb) past tense: subjected LISTEN

"Art is my favorite subject."

A subject is a branch of knowledge or course of study.

  • Economics is one subject I'll never understand.

Something or someone represented in writing, art or music is a subject.

  • George Washington was the subject of the biography.
  • The subject of the painting is world peace.

Subject also means ‘to expose to.’

  • The professor subjected himself to ridicule whenever he sang to his students.
  • The detective subjected the suspect to intense questioning.

Common uses

subject to: depending on. Example: “The new policy is subject to the approval of the board of directors.”

Keep in mind

When subject is a verb, the accent is on the last syllable. When subject is a noun, adjective or preposition, the accent is on the first syllable.

Did you know?

The two parts of a sentence are the subject and the predicate. In the sentence “The boy threw the ball,” the subject is ‘the boy.’

In pop culture

Quite often, when someone quotes you a price they will mention, “Prices are subject to change,” meaning that the prices may go up or down. Schedules are often subject to change, as well. Listen to Sum 41 sing “Subject to Change.” What do you think is subject to change in their song?

There are other meanings of subject.
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