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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: coast

You probably know that the coast is the land next to and the region near the sea. But did you know that coast, as a verb, means ‘to descend or go down in a car or on a bicycle without using power?’ The related noun coast means ‘a glide down a hill or slope.’ Informally, to coast means ‘to progress or go forward with little effort,’ especially using pre-existing assets, such as…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: droop

To droop means ‘to hang down loosely or sink,’ as from weakness, exhaustion, or because there’s no proper support. Figuratively, when we talk about spirits or morale, it means ‘to fade or flag’ and, poetically, when we talk about the sun, it means ‘to descend.’ A droop is a sagging, sinking, or hanging down…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: bank

A bank is an institution that receives, lends, and keeps money safe, or it is a storage facility for a particular thing. The related verb to bank means ‘to have an account with a bank’ or ‘to use that bank’s services.’ Unrelatedly, a bank is a pile or heap, a slope, and, in particular, the slope of land on the sides of a river or stream. To bank means ‘to border with a bank,’ ‘to form into a bank,’ and also ‘to cover a fire with ashes or fuel to make it burn slowly.’ A bank is also a group of objects….

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: heel

The heel is the back part of the foot, below and behind the ankle, and it is the same part on a shoe or sock or anything that covers the foot. It is also a solid, possibly high, base attached to the sole of a shoe. In the plural, heels are women’s shoes with a high base. The heel is also the end part of a loaf of bread and the part of the palm of the hand near the wrist. As a verb, to heel means ‘to add a heel to a shoe’ and also ‘to perform a dance with the heels,’ often in the expression heel and toe. Unrelatedly, to heel means….

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: drop

A drop is a small amount of liquid in a globule or, figuratively, a small amount of anything. A drop is also a descent or fall, a decline in the amount of something, and a steep slope. As a verb, to drop means to fall in globules, as liquids do, and also to suddenly descend or reduce or to fall. Drop also means to let go of something, to stop or end something, to quit, to abandon or….

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